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Cover reveal for Frayed!

The next adventure in the world of DarkTrench is coming soon, and the ever talented Kirk DouPonce has crafted an amazing cover.

It suggests the previous DarkTrench books while making clear that this is a new series featuring a new hero....

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Latest interview!

In the new versions of the DarkTrench books is an Author's Note discussing their genesis.

The Scriblerians site is featuring the note for A Star Curiously Singing.

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AZfS is a semifinalist!

This year marks the inaugural year for a new book award—the Realm Makers Genre award.

So it is real honor to have Amish Zombies from Space...

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New look for DarkTrench!

After five years, it was time for the DarkTrench saga to put on a fresh face.

And wow, doesn't it look good now?

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