Amish Zombies from Space
Paperback:  455 pages
Publisher:  Freeheads
The exciting second release from Freeheads!

First, vampires in space. And now...zombies.


Jebediah and the others are trying to get over the horrors they faced in deep space, and now this. It’s been five years, and the Amish colony on Miller’s Resolve has finally gotten settled. Jeb and Sarah have a son. Elder Samuel is happy not being in charge. Darly has a private practice. And Greels is out of jail at last.

But when a mysterious ship from space arrives on Resolve, it unleashes a horde of undead that might spell the end of the survivors and their dreams of peace.

Will the specters of the past save them, or seal their fate?

When Kerry finished writing Amish Vampires in Space, there were a number of questions that he, as a reader, wanted to see answered. Specifically, questions about the vampires’ origins, motivations, and biology.

He also desperately wanted to know what came next for Jebediah and the rest of the survivors. Where did they go? Did they thrive or were they forever scarred?

This book is his attempt to answer those questions.

(And possibly create new ones.)

Buy it. Read it.

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