The DarkTrench Saga: The Superlative Stream
Paperback:  382 pages
Are you ready to touch the stream?

Sandfly is free of the rules—free of Earth—but now there’s a new mystery to solve. Using a secret ship named DarkTrench he is determined to find the source and meaning of the transmission that altered the former crew and destroyed their robot. Joining him is his new girlfriend HardCandy, another enigma whose former life for Sand has become an obsession.

Arriving in the system of the massive star named Betelgeuse; Sandfly discovers something the former crew did not—a planet! On it are the traces of a civilization that defies description.

Technologically advanced, peaceful, and mystifying. Is their meeting an occurrence the scriptures predicted? HardCandy thinks so. Sand is not so sure.

But what he most wants to know is: Why is he now seeing things no one else can see? 

And where, is the Superlative Stream?

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