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“Kerry takes me somewhere I hadn't previously imagined and lets me live there for a while. His characters are well drawn, his situations thought-provoking, and he writes so smoothly that I can forget I'm actually sitting safe in my chair...” 

Kathy Tyers, New York Times bestselling author


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Latest News

July 18, 2020

"Amish Werewolves of Space" is a winner!

Honored and excited to announce that "Amish Werewolves of Space" won its genre category (Other/Horror) against some fierce competition. 

Big congrats to all the winners: Emily Hayse, Ronie Kendig, Steve Rzasa, Mary Weber, JJ Johnson, ND Wilson, and Emily Jeffries.

May 18, 2020

Divergents, Tributes, Games, & Sandworms

When editor Christopher Schmitz asked me to write the foreword for his collaborative sci-fi devotional last year, I was honored to do so. "What a cool idea!" I thought. "Using well-known speculative stories as settings for a daily devotional reading. I like it." So, writing the foreword was easy. 

Then he asked me to participate in the next devotional. What it required was writing ten devotionals--five using my novels, five using someone else's. (A well known story or author.) Not one to shy away from a writing challenge, I said "Sure!" 

And the results are now available in eBook and print form. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking below.

May 13, 2020

Amish Zombies on audio!

Amish Zombies from Space is now available as an audiobook. 

This one is especially exciting for me. I rarely read my books after they are in a cover. There's just never enough time, plus, there is always the hidden fear that if I read it again, I'll decide it is awful and want to start changing things.

(Every writer wrestles with similar insecurities, I think. The book is never "perfect", it simply must be finished.)

Plus, the middle chapter of a trilogy always lives in the shadows of its siblings. It isn't the bold introduction story, nor is it the rough and tumble finale. It is the road between them. And few people contemplate the road for long.

But, producing an audio book forced me to immerse myself in the story again. It was a fearful journey. One I was leery of starting. But, as the paragraphs and chapters went by, my trepidation diminished. I found myself thinking "Wow, that works pretty well..." and "Did I write that? Where did that come from?" 

In the end, it restored my faith in the story. It is a fun ride. Exactly what it needs to be. Cool science, thoughtful themes, and fun characters.

Plus, Randy's Streu's golden tones. That guy is a true audio performer. I love what he did to my book. It is a fantastic listen.

I hope you agree.


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