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“Kerry takes me somewhere I hadn't previously imagined and lets me live there for a while. His characters are well drawn, his situations thought-provoking, and he writes so smoothly that I can forget I'm actually sitting safe in my chair...” 

Kathy Tyers, New York Times bestselling author


Kerry Nietz is an award-winning science fiction author. He has over a half dozen speculative novels in print, along with a novella, a couple short stories, and a non-fiction book, FoxTales

Kerry’s novel A Star Curiously Singing won the Readers Favorite Gold Medal Award for Christian Science Fiction and is notable for its dystopian, cyberpunk vibe in a world under sharia law. It  is often mentioned on “Best of” lists. 

Among his writings, Kerry's most talked about is the genre-bending Amish Vampires in Space. AViS was mentioned on the Tonight Show and in the Washington Post, Library Journal, and Publishers WeeklyNewsweek called it “a welcome departure from the typical Amish fare.” 

Kerry is a refugee of the software industry. He spent more than a decade of his life flipping bits, first as one of the principal developers for the now mythical Fox Software, and then as one of Bill Gates's minions at Microsoft. He is a husband, a father, a technophile and a movie buff.

Books in the Wild

Two physical locations where you can find Kerry's books:  

Realm Makers Bookstore and Harbor Books in Aberdeen, Washington.

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(Kerry's books are available at booksellers online too!)

Latest News

November 27, 2020

Book sale!

This Black Friday through Cyberweek a handful of my books are on sale. A couple of them--Frayed and Mask--are part of Countdown specials on Amazon that start at the lowest price ($1.99) and move upwards from there. Two books are a .99 cents the whole week (A Star Curiously Singing and Rhats Too!) and Amish Vampires in Space is on sale for 2.99. Every author who had books in the Kindle giveaway have books on sale. To see the full list, click below!

January 01, 2020

Win a Kindle!

I'm part of a fun Kindle giveaway this Thanksgiving season! Winner gets a brand new Kindle with a fistful of fantasy and sci-fi books pre-loaded.

October 29, 2020

Glowing review of Amish Werewolves...

Author Bradley Caffee posted a glowing review of Amish Werewolves of Space on his site. One of my biggest concerns with that book was pleasing the fans. Looks like I at least pleased one! Yay!!

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